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About Jeanie

Welcome to my Studio!


Hi, My name is Jeanie, I am in my 40's and live in Tauranga, New Zealand where I teach piano, violin, viola & keyboard at my own studio. I have a Bachelor Degree in Music from Auckland University & a Diploma in Secondary School (High School) Teaching from Auckland College of Education. I love teaching theory and arranging simplified versions of songs for easy piano & violin.  Sounds very boring and stuffy doesn't it!
I play (or have played) heaps of different instruments including saxophone, singing, guitar, drums, viola as well of course as violin, keyboard and piano which I teach.  I have extremely varied taste in music.  I love most 70's & 80's music especially classic rock & the old style metal bands, back when bands new how to write metal with melody! (Led Zepplin, Metalica, Hendrix, Doors, Dire Straits, Clapton, Police, Simple Minds, Jethro Tull, Sabath, Iron Maiden etc).  At the other end of the scale I like a lot of female vocalists - Melisa Ethridge, Marianne Faithful, Janis Jopplin, The Corrs, Pat Benitar, Sade and Berlin are some of my favourites.  I guess my all time favourite band is probably Pink Floyd especially the early stuff.  I always said I'd stay up to date with what the kids were listening to, a dose of High School Musical quickly brought that idea to a screaming holt and Frozen hasn't helped much either!  It wasn't working anyway as the radio is permanently stuck on The Rock.  Mainly though now I'm listening to Christian artists, I'm working hard on trying to find bands I like that can compete against the classic rock (all suggestions welcome).  I've found a few I like: Red, Brian "Head" Welch, Newsboys, Casting Crowns, Planet Shakers, Brooke Fraser, Building 429, By the Tree, Petra, Rapture Ruckus, Chris Tomlin, Jesus Culture. 
Mostly I just love arranging songs to suit my students ability level, easy versions of the latest songs for all the different age groups are really hard to find.  Even harder to find is modern Christian worship music that is arranged for beginners and this is where most of my arranging time is now focussed.
As well as music I love cooking (well actually I probably just love eating especially Thai, Indian and pizza).  My speciality though is making all kinds of fancy home made bread.  I love wine especially bubbly and sweet dessert wines (and Gewurztraminer, Pinot Gris, Pinot Noir, Merlot, Shiraz, ...) ok just wine in general!).  I'm a self confessed TV addict - mainly the History Channel, British Comedy, Costume Drama's, Sci-Fi, murder mysteries and quiz shows.  I love: Star Trek (Voyager is my favourite), NCIS (all cities), Father Brown, The Coroner, Casualty, Who do You Think You Are, QI, 7 Days, Big Bang Theory,, Bones, A Place to Call Home, Mr. Selfridge, SS GB, Dragon's Den, Banished, Pointless, Jerrico, Mrs Brown,  yep too much time!).  Hmm, maybe more friends over for dinner and cocktails more often, and less blobbing in front of the box!  DIY has been a big part of my life until a few years ago when I moved into a little place that doesn't need much doing and isn't worth doing much to.  So I have a new focus, I'm writing a book on how to teach young Christian musicians to worship God and to play together in a worship band.  Currently just over 2/3 way written and stalled a bit.
I have an amazing family  here in Tauranga- My Mum and Dad truly are my role models.  My sister Rose & brother-in-law Jono have 3 very cute kids, Naomi, James, and Anna (currently nicknamed Boo because of her obsession with playing hide & boo - guess she might grow out of that nickname).  I also have a foster brother Leon who is 15.  Then of course there is my puppy Jack who is the main man in my life.  I say puppy because he'll never be big enough to be a real dog!

String Group practicing for my students 2011 end of year concert.

Naomi's first Christmas. Opening her present from Aunty Jeanie.


My 1864 Brinsmead Grand Piano which one day I will strip & french polish.  Its all rosewood! She has seen better days, doesn't stay in tune well and the action is shot, but has a beautiful tone.  Unfortunely this is currently in storeage as I don't have room in my house and I have a small Yamaha in my studio.

AKA "my gorgeousness", "little gift from God", "pissy monster" (not recently), "Jack-in-the-box", "Jumpin Jack Flash", "The Shagster" (his hair is wild!), "Licky Monster", "Sir Lick-a-lot", "Mr Ungroomed from Jeanie's Music Room" (if you've read Hairy McClairey you'll see the resemblence), and worst of all "panty thief".  I now know a few  important things about puppy training, buy a crate, don't wear socks (they get wet), keep everything in the house 1m off the floor, and do have a sense of humour especially when your on the front lawn in the dark in the rain with an umbrella in your dressing gown praying the puppy, who doesn't like getting his feet wet, will get off your feet and do its business!
Jack was born 11 March 2010 and is a Foodle (thats Foxy Poodle X).  More of a live cuddly toy than a dog, until he finds something to rip apart or gets out sniffing in a field.  He has a crazy coat which is wiry and straight and may need clipping as he doesn't really shed and its still growing!  You can bursh him up to look all pretty, but I quite like him shaggy and crazy.  He is super super cuddly and very trainable, he knows all his toy names and brings me the one I ask for, but a bit scatter-brained or should I say "poodle brained".  The most beautiful natured little dog, very affectionate and loves children and so wants to please! 

Baby Jack's first photo

Learning to wait for the whistle to eat! Waiting no problem, scared by sound of whistle, problem!

Look at those long legs go! Jack can outrun & out maneuvre all the competition!

Jack still prefers not to get his feet wet!

Jack loves his triangle toy, loves shaking it to bits that is!